Wisdom, Realisation
and Suchness
of Truth

Founder Master Yap Soon-Yeong

CFQ Qigong was discovered by Master Yap Soon-Yeong of Penang, Malaysia. His discoveries arose from his personal direct investigation of the nature of mind as it relates to healing. He is a world renowned healer, teacher, and a licensed therapist with the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Medicine of Malaysia.

Master Yap Soon Yeong has stated, “In order to organize a qigong system that is free from wrong or questionable practices and beliefs, I have founded Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong in 1995. I have based my experience on over 30 years of practice in a number of qigong systems, verified the principles with authentic sources, and through extensive clinical observations.” He describes CFQ as “practical methods of dealing with consciousness in order to enhance our inherent resilience and the self-repair response and thus optimize health.”